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"Golden Teardrops"/"Carried Away"
by The Flamingos
on Chance 1145
released in 1953

Above: Photo of The Flamingos consisting of Jake and Zeke Carey, Paul Wilson, Johnny Carter and Sollie McElroy (center, lead on Golden Teardrops).

Click HERE to view an article about The Flamingos by Marv Goldberg.

Above: Trade magazine clipping for Chance 1145 from October 1953.

Above Left: 78 RPM acetate label image provided by Al Leichter.

Above Right: Label for Chance 1145 recorded in August 1953 and released the following month. Golden Teardrops is known as one of the very best RnB vocal group records ever! Done to perfection, from Johnny Carter's haunting falsetto background to Sollie McElroy's stirring lead.

The Flamingos had six releases on Chance (1953-54), three on Parrot (1954-55), and six on Checker (1955-56) before moving on to various other labels.

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"Golden Teardrops" - Chance 1145 - 1953
"Carried Away" - Chance 1145 - 1953
"BOTH SONGS" played in sequence

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"Golden Teardrops" - Chance 1145 - 1953 (file size=508KB)
"Carried Away" - Chance 1145 - 1953 (file size=498KB)


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