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(Week of 11/20/04 - 11/26/04)

"Give Me"/"Be-Bop Wino"
by The Lamplighters
on Federal 12152
released in 1953

Above Left: Photo of Thurston Harris.

Above Right: Photo of The Lamplighters. (L-R) Willie Ray Rockwell, Thurston Harris, Al Frazier, Matthew Nelson.

Click HERE to view an article about The Lamplighters by J.C. Marion.

Above: Label for Federal 12152 released in late 1953. This was the second of twelve releases they had on Federal (1953-56). They also backed up Jimmy Witherspoon on two Federal releases (1953-54). In addition, the group had one release on the Decca label (1955). And a temporary name change to "The Tenderfoots" produced four more releases on Federal (1955).

Thurston Harris sings lead on "Give Me" and Willie Ray Rockwell sings lead on "Be-Bop Wino".

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"Give Me" - Federal 12152 - 1953
"Be-Bop Wino" - Federal 12152 - 1953
"BOTH SONGS" played in sequence

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"Give Me" - Federal 12152 - 1953 (file size=454KB)
"Be-Bop Wino" - Federal 12152 - 1953 (file size=379KB)


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