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"Heebie Jeebies"/"Song Of The Islands"
by The Three Keys
on Vocalion 2523
released in 1933

Photo Of The Three Keys
[The above photo and below log book article provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Photo of The Three Keys. (L-R) Bob Pease, Slim Furness, and George "Bon Bon" Tunnell.

From Radio Pictorial And Log Book, Winter Edition 1933:

Three Keys--A Study in Blues

"There's melody in rhythm--"

A voice, a piano, a gee-tar...that's the Three Keys!

Bon Bon, the singer of songs that are bluer than blue...Bob, whose nervous fingers cause the piano to dance with melody.... Slim, whose guitar shivers with crazy minors...are hunched around the microphone at the NBC studios [see part one for this photo].

"It's Three Keys time again," says Alois Havrilla, who matches the tempo of the music with appropriate descriptions of this sensational trio of the air. "Time for sweet melody. Blue harmony time, and rhythm that makes you laugh and play--song and romance, that's the mood tonight..." says Havrilla.

The music rises...pulsates...burns to a white heat...Six feet beat in unison...Sleek-haired Bob motions with his head as his fingers fly faster than leaves before the autumn wind...Bon Bon, hatless, shirt open at the neck, slaps his knees and weaves in time as he leans over the piano's edge..."Beep-a-deep, deep, deep...Skiddadle-de-deep...deedle-dee-deep ..." the Harlemesque words run on.

Slim bends over his guitar...He sits, hat-on-head, like a dark question mark, on a high stool at the end of the piano keyboard... his left arm stretched out along the neck of his singing gee-tar ..."Wang-e-wang...Wang-e-wang! ..." it complains in steely tones.

Then, softly it sobs..."Wang!...Wang!......Wang! ..." and the song is ended.

"Bluer than blue," continues Havrilla. "Three Keys! You'll hear them again tomorrow night!"

Vocalion Label-The Three Keys-1933
[The above label image provided by George Moonoogian.]
Above: Label image for Vocalion 2523 released in September 1933, both sides recorded on 8/16/33.

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"Heebie Jeebies" - Vocalion 2523 - 1933
"Song Of The Islands" - Vocalion 2523 - 1933
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