#875 (10/22/16 - 11/4/16)

"Say You're Mine Again"
by The Three Dons And Ginny Greer
on Allied ARS-5000
released 1953

Above: The Three Dons And Ginny Greer clipping from The Billboard dated 4/11/53.

SPOKANE DAILY CHRONICLE, May 23, 1950: Popular Trio Signed At Downtown Cafe—A popular west coast singing and instrumental trio, the Three Dons, is opening an engagement at Allen's cafe and cocktail lounge Thursday. One of the three, Don Eagle, who plays the guitar and vibraharp and sings, is from Spokane.

Eddie Bee, featured vocalist with the group, does songs in both English and Spanish. Don Roseland plays the piano and accordian and sings novelty songs. Roseland has appeared on numerous radio shows and in motion pictures. He had a featured part with Bing Crosby in "Connecticut Yankee" and with Jean Arthur in "A Foreign Affair."

(NOTE: Hmmm, I count only two "Don"s in the above blurb. More significantly, Don Roseland's name does not appear in IMDB.com's "Full Cast" listings for either of the stated movies. In fact, his name does not come up for any movie at all. And neither does "Three Dons.")

THE BILLBOARD, February 13, 1943: Three Dons and Bea (Barret) split the unit, with Don Davis into the army. The girl expects to front her own unit, with the possibility of taking over Ernie Newton's combo.

(NOTE: Is this 1943 "Three Dons" related to the later group? Is Don Davis the missing third "Don"?)

THE BILLBOARD, April 7, 1945: ....Three Dons And A Chick at Biltmore Lounge, Baltimore....

(At Left: The Cash Box 5/16/53)
(Above: Ginny Greer)
(At Right: The Billboard 9/10/55)

(Above: The Cash Box 5/9/53)

(Troy [NY] Times Record 6/8/45)

(Arizona Republic [Phoenix] 7/5/51)


AUGUST 9, 1957

JUNE 13, 1958


Ginny Greer     SELECT:

    1. JULY 17, 1959

    2. DECEMBER 30, 1959

    3. JANUARY 6, 1961

    4. FEBRUARY18, 1961

    5. JULY 8, 1961

    6. AUGUST 5, 1961

    7. MARCH 24, 1962

    8. MAY 18, 1962

    9. SEPTEMBER 20, 1963

    10. OCTOBER 11, 1963

    11. JUNE 26, 1964

    12. AUGUST 14, 1964

Above: Label image of Allied ARS-5000, released in 1953. It is the first record issued on this independent label. The song was also recorded by Perry Como (RCA Victor), Dolores Gray (Decca), Eddie Howard (Mercury), June Hutton (Capitol), and The Modernaires (Coral) for release on the major labels shown.

The Three Dons And Ginny Greer also had releases on Blue Mill (1953) and Coral (1953). Ginny Greer, under her own name, had releases on Decca (1955-57). The Three Dons backed up The Mello-Larks on Melodisc in 1946.

THE BILLBOARD, January 30, 1954: Allied Record Sales Company, Hollywood indie record distributors, opened its San Francisco office last week.... Firm is part of an expansion policy. Firm will represent indie labels in the San Francisco Bay area.

The Cash Box Review (3/28/53):

Say You're Mine Again
(B) The sweet voice of Ginny Greer stands out as she joins with the Three Dons on a most infectious melody. This pretty lilting tune should get some plays. It sounds inviting.

(NOTE: A rating of B was considered "very good.")

The Billboard Review (4/4/53):

Say You're Mine Again
(70) The Three Dons And Ginny Greer hand this new effort a substantial reading, over quiet ork support. The arrangement is slick and the group sings it well. The record has possibilities and is a good platter from the new label.

(NOTE: A ratings range of 70-79 was considered "good.")

NOTE: Most discographical information provided at this website is from Ferdie Gonzalez' Disco-File.

ALLIED RECORDS, located in Hollywood, CA and headed by Daken K. Broadhead, existed from 1953 to 1959. The label also had part ownership of Kicks Records, located in Los Angeles, which was initiated for the rhythm and blues market in 1954.

Allied Records released the following additional records with vocal group backing in 1953:
5004—Bettie Howard
5006—Clessa Williams
5007—Buddy Cole
5008—Bud Victory

Listen to this week's selection featuring The Three Dons And Ginny Greer on Allied ARS-5000 from 1953:
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