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"When Did You Leave Heaven"
by George Bledsoe With The Moon Mists
on Modern Records 201A
released in 1950


The Moon Mists were a young vocal group consisting of one woman and four men. They came on the scene in 1949 and were still performing at the end of 1950, but nothing could be found about them after that. This may well have been their only record. While the flip side also gives them credit, they are nowhere to be heard on it.

From Pittsburgh Courier 5/6/50: ....On the show at the Oasis with Ella Fitzgerald is the sparkling new singing group fresh from L.A.C.C. [Los Angeles City College], the "Moon Mists" and Lee Young's orchestra...

From The Billboard 10/7/50: ....due in the cast of Frank Sinatra's forthcoming CBS-TV show is a new vocal group from the west coast, The Moon Mists....
(Can anyone provide me with kinescopes of these shows... I wish!)

George Bledsoe had been with the Slim Gaillard Trio in 1948 doing vocals, playing the piano and, at times, the bass fiddle. He was still performing and making records as a single artist in the early 1950's.

From The Billboard 5/29/48: Review of Slim Gaillard Trio floor show.... George Bledsoe is outstanding on vocals. Lad possesses a Nat Cole quality in his voice while retaining a song style of his own....

From Marv Goldberg: George Bledsoe sang with many Ink Spots groups in the 1960's and beyond.

Above Left: Modern Records headquarters started in Los Angeles (1946), moved to Hollywood (1947), then to Beverly Hills (1950) and Culver City (1955). The announcement shown is from 3/22/47.

Above Right: Article from The Billboard magazine dated 10/8/49. The Moon Mists were college kids, but seem to have stolen the show!

Reference Links: Modern Records ; Day, Dawn And Dusk.


Above: Article from The Billboard magazine dated 6/4/49. RCA Victor bestows an honor on George Bledsoe. Slightly coincidental, Slim Gaillard gained fame with his version of "Cement Mixer" in 1946.

Reference Links: Open The Door Richard

Listen to this week's selection by George Bledsoe With The Moon Mists on Modern Music 201A from 1950: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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