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"I Don't Mind Being All Alone"/"Just In Case You Change Your Mind"
by The Antlers Of Miami
on Artists AR-1259/1260
released in 1951


Above: Photo of The Antlers. Members, while in Flint, Michigan, were Bill "Pappy" Schindler (baritone), Harry "Junior" Morton (tenor), Byron "Barney" Brooks (tenor), and Hulin "Hap" Augsbury (bass 1947-50). In 1951, they moved from Flint to Miami, Florida, replacing the bass singer in the process with Wally Swentzel (bass 1951-53). From 1949 to 1953, they were international barbershop quartet medalists.

Above: Another photo of The Antlers while they were in Michigan.

Above: Review from the 8/18/51 issue of The Billboard Magazine. Note that this record is listed under "Rhythm & Blues Record Reviews." Disco-File Third Edition shows The Antlers Of Miami as a "Black Male Group." The Antlers' version of "Just In Case..." particularly sounds like it could be a black r&b group singing acapella.

The reviews are:
Just In Case... Male group does a neat job on a pretty new ballad, chanting with a subtle restraint and light beat that make for a catchy item.
I Don't Mind... Okay barbershop rendition of a ballad that was around some months ago.

NOTE: Actually, "Just In Case..." was not "new," but originally released by Deek Watson And His Brown Dots in 1945! "I Don't Mind..." was done by The Mills Brothers and also The Colemans, both in 1950.

Above: Artists Records was a product of Artists Recording Studios located in Kansas City, MO.
(Left) Clipping from 1952 "Transcription Companies" listing and (Right) column from 12/15/51 issue of The Billboard Magazine.

Above: Label images of Artists AR-1259/1260 released in July 1951. This is the only known record by The Antlers Of Miami. From the matrix number format, the record was apparently pressed by RCA Victor or one of their affiliates. From Marv Goldberg: E1 = pressed in 1951, K = custom tape furnished to RCA, B = mastered as a 78 rpm. Junior Morton sings lead on "Just In Case..." while it is probably Barney Brooks on the flip side.

From Götz Alsmann in Germany: I found them on another record.... THE ANTLERS of Miami, "In The Hills of Old Kentucky" from the "Barbershop Winners - 1953" 10" LP, where they were rewarded with the 4th place. So now there's another known record by the group.

Listen to this week's selections by The Antlers Of Miami on Artists AR-1259/1260 from 1951:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I Don't Mind Being All Alone
          2. Just In Case You Change Your Mind
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I Don't Mind Being All Alone
          2. Just In Case You Change Your Mind

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          1. I Don't Mind Being All Alone
          2. Just In Case You Change Your Mind

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