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"It Won't Always Be Raining"/"Oasis"
by The Murraymen
on Arcade AR-131
released in 1954


Very little information was found about The Murraymen. The review, above left, is from The Billboard dated 1/15/55. Note the reference to "the Ink Spots style." This review was listed in the "New R&B Records" section, along with reviews of the Flamingos, Platters, Mellows, Medallions, etc. The Murraymen did have two more releases on Arcade, one backing Eddie Roecker (1954) and another on their own (1955).

Tom Gindhart, writer on both sides of this record, had collaborated with Jack Howard, Arcade Records owner, in composing a hit c&w song "Blue Ranger" in 1940. Myers Music was probably James E. Myers, who had been involved with Howard previously at the Cowboy label.

(From The Billboard 2/12/55)

(From The Billboard 8/16/47)
Arcade Records, located in Philadelphia, existed from 1952 to about 1968. It was a c&w label, but branched out into popular music. Arcade was owned by Jack Howard, a long-time producer and publisher of c&w music. The Arcade catalog contained several records by Jack Howard released in the 1960's.

From The Billboard 10/30/43: Jack Howard, former rodeo and circus press agent, now a movie manager in Philadelphia, has taken on the title of "The Cowboy Publisher" in setting up the Jack Howard Publications firm specializing in cowboy songs....

From The Billboard 2/15/47: Jack Howard made a success of his good-will tour of the South for Cowboy Records and Howard Publications, both of Philadelphia....

From The Billboard 11/8/52: Still another label is added to the local scene (Philadelphia) with the setting up of Arcade Records. Geared to the western styling, the preem platter introduces the singing of Jimmy Collett on "Four Alarm Boogie."

From The Billboard 2/28/53: Jack Howard, head of the local (Philadelphia) Jack Howard Publications and linked with a number of local record labels, is hitting the Southern areas in the interests of Arcade Records....
(Howard was also Promotion Manager for Essex Records)

From The Billboard 1/9/54: Arcade Records, Philadelphia diskery, has signed Rusty Wellington, Canadian singer, and country artist Jack Howard....

Listen to this week's selections by The Murraymen on Arcade AR-131 from 1954:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. It Won't Always Be Raining
          2. Oasis
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. It Won't Always Be Raining
          2. Oasis

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          1. It Won't Always Be Raining
          2. Oasis

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