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#735 (Week of 12/3/11 - 12/9/11)


"I'm Disillusioned"/"Cream Cheese And Jelly"
by The Velvetones
on Columbia 30224
released in 1950


Above: The Velvetones review from The Billboard dated 12/16/50. The "Over-All" rating for other reviews in the same list ranged from 40 (The Big Three Trio) to 84 (The Ravens).

Above: Per Disco-File, The Velvetones consisted of Herman Bell, Wallace Caldwell, Danny Gibson, Milton Hayes and Togge Smythe. A recording session on April 10, 1950 resulted in two releases on Columbia (May and September 1950), this one being the latter. No other records by this group are known to exist.

The flip-side label shows composers as "Curley Bell, Buddy Feyne, Togge Smythe."

The Velvetones on Coronet, Sonora and Super Disc are a different group. In his Velvetones article, Marv Goldberg states that since Mort Browne, their manager, owned the name, it's possible he put together the Columbia group.

From Trade Magazine July 1950: ....In line with its program to hypo rhythm and blues, Columbia Records has signed Oscar Moore, former King Cole guitarist, along with the Velvetones, Bonnie Davis and the Piccadilly Pipers, the Carols and the Naturals....

Listen to this week's selections by The Velvetones on Columbia 30224 from 1950:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I'm Disillusioned
          2. Cream Cheese And Jelly
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I'm Disillusioned
          2. Cream Cheese And Jelly

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          1. I'm Disillusioned
          2. Cream Cheese And Jelly

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