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#717 (Week of 7/2/11 - 7/8/11)


"Counting My Teardrops"/"The Devil's Cousin"
by The Jayhawks
on Flash CR-105-A/B
released in 1955

[Both above right photos are from Relic #5049 LP album cover.]

Above Left: Clipping from The Billboard dated 9/15/56.

Above Right: (Top) Flash Record Shop located in Los Angeles. (Bottom) Charlie "Flash" Reynolds, who owned the record store and set up Flash Records in the back room.

Above: (Left) Column from The Billboard dated 4/28/56 and (Right) clipping from The Billboard dated 5/5/58. Flash Records was formed in June 1955 and existed until 1959. Al Curry, a friend of Reynolds, was The Jayhawks' manager for about a year.

News Release:

Above: The Jayhawks from late 1955, (Top) Carver Bunkum (bass), (Bottom L-R) Carl Fisher (2nd tenor), Dave Govan (baritone) and James Johnson (1st tenor). The members for their first two records (Flash 105 & 109) had René Beard (baritone) and Cleo White (tenor). Govan came in afterward.

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Above: Clipping from June 1956 for The Jayhawks' original version of "Stranded In The Jungle," initially intended as the "B" side.

News Releases:

Above: Label image of Flash CR-105 recorded on October 2, 1955 and released about two weeks later. Less than one thousand were sold. Carl Fisher sings lead on "Counting..." while he shares the honor with James Johnson on the flip side. This is the first of three releases by The Jayhawks on Flash (1955-56). They followed with two records (one backing Earl Palmer) on Aladdin (1957). Later releases (1958-63) were as The Vibes, The Vibrations and The Marathons (as well as one more record as The Jayhawks).

Listen to this week's selections by The Jayhawks on Flash CR-105-A/B from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

     A. Stream RealAudio...
          1. Counting My Teardrops
          2. The Devil's Cousin
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Counting My Teardrops
          2. The Devil's Cousin

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          1. Counting My Teardrops
          2. The Devil's Cousin

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