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#742 (Week of 1/28/12 - 2/3/12)


"Common Sense"/"If You Still Love Me"
by Lu Elliott
Vocal Group And Orch. Acc.
on Mars MR-X 6001
released in 195?


Above: Pictures of Lu Elliott from (L) 1967 and (R) 1981. She had been Duke Ellington's vocalist in 1949/50, resulting in at least two records on Columbia with him ("Joog Joog" and "On The Sunny Side Of The Street"). Lu had some records on her own on Apollo, King, Mars, etc. in the 1950's. In the 1960's, she scored with releases on ABC Paramount.

Above: Label image for "Joog, Joog." Lu Elliott sings the main lead, but Joe Van Loan's distinctive high tenor can also be detected.

Listen to "Joog, Joog" - Duke Ellington Orchestra - Columbia 38789 - 1950 using Windows Media Player.


Above: (Left) Column dated 7/26/52 and (Right) Clipping dated 11/1/52. The Mars label, located in New York City, was owned by Woody Herman and Howie Richmond. It existed from 1952 until early 1956, when it's catalog was acquired by Verve Records. Its prime purpose was to release material by Herman and his orchestra. Abe Turchen was Herman's personal manager.

Above: Label image of Mars MR-X 6001. If anyone knows the name of the vocal group or the year it was released, please let me know.

Charlie Singleton is composer on both sides of this record. Singleton wrote songs, had his own band, played saxophone, and recorded for Apollo, Atlas and other labels in the 1950's (and beyond).

Listen to this week's selections by Lu Elliott And Vocal Group on Mars MR-X 6001 from 195?:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. Common Sense
          2. If You Still Love Me
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Common Sense
          2. If You Still Love Me

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          1. Common Sense
          2. If You Still Love Me

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