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"Truly"/"Oochie Pachie"
by Arthur Lee Maye And "The Crowns"
on RPM 424
released in 1955

[Above photos provided by (left) Pam Horner and (right) Donna Whitworth.]

Above: 1967 and 1999 photos of Lee Maye, the lead tenor singer of The Crowns. Also in the group were Charles Colbert (tenor), Johnny Morris (tenor), Joe Moore (baritone), Richard Berry (baritone), and Johnny Coleman (bass).

Trade Magazine Clipping: Bihari Brothers On National Tour
HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 20, 1954—The brothers, Bihari-Jules, Saul and Joe-take to the road this month in a series of disk jockey, distributor and talent tours for their respective Crown, Modern and Flair record labels.
   Jules Bihari leaves for a one-week visit to New York, with Saul and Joe scheduled to trek in mid-November, covering the Midwest, Eastern Seaboard and the South.
   Saul Bihari last week signed Ar­thur Lee Maye, 17-year-old bonus baseball player with the Milwau­kee Braves, to a term recording contract, and also pacted singer Buddy Milton.

(NOTE: The RPM label was a subsidiary of Modern.)

Click HERE for an article about Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns by Marv Goldberg.
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Above: Trade magazine clipping from March 1955.

Above: (Left) Clipping from May 1955. (Right) Label image of RPM 424 released in February 1955. Richard Berry has composer credit on "Truly" as does Johnny Otis on the flip side. Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns had releases on Flair (1954-55), Modern (1954), RPM (1955), Specialty (1956), Dig (1956), Flip (1957), and Cash (1958).

Trade Magazine Clipping: March 1955—Lots of activity on the Modern label waxing of "Truly" by Arthur Lee Maye, the bonus baseball player for the Milwaukee Braves (now in spring training). Disk is showing development of embryonic muscles and will soon be covered in the pop field by Dot, Essex, Decca and others....

Listen to this week's selections by Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns on RPM 424 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

(Above: The Billboard 2/19/55 Review)

          1. Truly
          2. Oochie Pachie
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Truly
          2. Oochie Pachie

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          1. Truly
          2. Oochie Pachie

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