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"Thrill Of Romance"/
"Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay"
by The Gay Tunes
on Timely 1002
released in 1953

"I Was Wrong"/
"The Mambo"
by The Charmers
on Timely 1009
released in 1954

From The Billboard - September 5, 1953:
Hy Siegel Back in Biz; Forms Timely Records
NEW YORK—Herman (Hy) Siegel, one of the original founders of the Apollo label, is re-entering the disk busi­ness with a new rhythm and blues label, Timely. Siegel's diskery is a subsidiary of the SKM Corporation, which is also the parent company of Simek Music, publish­ing affiliate of the label.
Timely has already inked two vocal groups, the Ambassadors and the Gay Tunes. First sides by the groups are cur­rently being released thru independent distributors in major markets. The diskery will also issue spiritual records by a group called the Colemanaires. Plans call for using only new talent on the label.

From Cashbox - September 12, 1953:
Timely Records Formed By Hy Siegel
NEW YORK—Hy Siegel, president, this week announced the formation of a new Rhythm and Blues label, Timely Records.
Siegel will launch the label with its first release by a new group, the Gay Tunes. "Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay" backed with "Thrill Of Romance." Siegel will leave this week for a short eastern trip to line up distributors.
Hy Siegel is well known to the Rhythm and Blues trade as he was the founder and president of Apollo Records. According to him, one of the brightest feathers in his cap was the inducing of Mahalia Jackson to sign with Apollo. He retired from the business and left New York for sev­eral years. On his return he was thrown together with so many of his former r & b cohorts that he got the "bug" again and just had to get back into the business.
Timely has already signed the Am­bassadors, the Gay Tunes and the Colemanaires. The latter a spiritual group.

The Billboard Review 9-19-53

Above: Label image of Timely 1002 recorded on August 22, 1953 and released in September 1953. Record review is from 9-19-53 issue of The Billboard. The Gay Tunes consisted of Waymon "Butterman" Carey, Fred Davis, Earl Kirton (lead singer), Harry Pinchback, and Leroy Williams (who joined the group after the Timely session). This one their only record for Timely. As The Gaytunes, they had one release on Joyce in 1956.

The Billboard, February 1954:
Hy Siegel of Timely label informs us he's getting a strong play on the west coast for "Why-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay" by the Gay Tunes. He's also released a new Jalacy ["Screamin' Jay"] Hawkins disk, "Baptize Me In Wine" and "Not Anymore."

The Billboard Review 11-6-54

Above: Label image of Timely 1009 recorded on September 12, 1954 and released in October 1954. Record review is from 11-6-54 issue of The Billboard. The Charmers consisted of Robert Cassidy, Eugene "Sonny" Cooke (lead singer), James Cooke, George Daniels, and Alfred Toddman. This was their first of two records for Timely.

The Billboard, October 1954:
Hy Siegel, Timely Records, announces the signing of the Charmers, formerly of Central Records. Hy's also exultant over the sales on Ann Cole's "Oh Love Of Mine." Siegel gives most of the credit to Alan (Moondog) Freed, who stayed with it until the public began to ask for it....

Listen to this week's selections on the Timely Label:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          Thrill Of Romance - The Gay Tunes - Timely 1002 - 1953
          Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay -    "     "
          I Was Wrong - The Charmers - Timely 1009 - 1954
          The Mambo -    "     "
          ALL FOUR played in sequence

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          Thrill Of Romance - The Gay Tunes - Timely 1002 - 1953
          Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay -    "     "
          I Was Wrong - The Charmers - Timely 1009 - 1954
          The Mambo -    "     "

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          Thrill Of Romance - The Gay Tunes - Timely 1002 - 1953
          Wh-y-y Leave Me This Wa-ay-ay -    "     "
          I Was Wrong - The Charmers - Timely 1009 - 1954
          The Mambo -    "     "

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