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"She'll Always Remember"
by Madeline Greene And The Three Varieties
Earl Hines And His Orchestra
on Bluebird B-11512-B
released in 1942

Elks Once Picked Madeline Swinging Star of The 40's
By Bob Williams

ELKS 1937 BEAUTY QUEEN — Madeline Greene,
Cleveland singing star, back in 1937 won the Annual Elks
National Beauty Contest. Here's how she looked on the eve
of national stardom as a big-band swinging singing star,
29 years ago.

TO MADELINE, FROM ELLA — Elks 1937 Beauty prize
winner, Madeline Greene, retired, disabled songwriter, with
her Web-Cor tape recorder, gift of Ella Fitzgerald, with
whom Madeline sang at the peak of her theatrical success.

(This article, provided by Richard Koloda,
is from the Cleveland Call And Post
dated 8/20/66)

Back In 1937 the Elks in Cleveland convention converged around the then celebrated Outhwaite Swimming Pool where they were holding the Annual Elk's beauty contest.

A smooth-young beauty was assisted from the water and onto the stage where they had called the late J. Flnley Wilson, Elkdom's most colorful Grand Exalted Ruler, to hand pick the five lovely girls who made the finals of the beauty contest.

A frightened, awe-struck Madeline Greene, swinging sweetheart of Cleveland, stood in bathing suit next to what she considered a "heavy combination of lovely, light-skinned Negro beauties."

To Madeline Greene, color was a thing of quality, and she was right.

"Give me my teasing tan" said the bold Grand Exalted Ruler, as he plucked Madeline from the group and thrust her into unexpected stardom.

The rest is a woman's "Horatio Alger" success story. Madeline won the trip to New York City and never looked back.

She had done singing "gigs" in and around Cleveland during her high school years, loved show business, and had been encouraged by local musicians, especially those she worked with at Cedar Gardens, the swingingest night club (black and tan) of the late 30's era.

MADELINE GREENE of 1966 looks at the coming 67th Annual Convention of the Elks in Cleveland, with lots of time for nostalgia and a flash back to "days of auld lagne sagne."

"I'm home in a small apartment on 97th and Cedar, not far from where the Cedar Gardens helped give me my start those 29 years ago.

"I'm disabled, with an injured ankle bone, must stay off my feet until an operation is performed," says the Madeline Greene of 1966.

"MY SHOW CAREER is over, but I stay busy, trying to write some tunes, and hoping some of my theatrical friends may record some of them for me.

Ella Fitzgerald is only one of Madeline Greene's friends. Ella sent Madeline a fine Webcor tape recorder after reading about Madeline's medical problem with her leg.

"I get a lot of use from the recorder, and I always think of the days when Ella and I were swinging all over the country," Madeline says.

It was "swing it, sweet Madeline," almost Immediately, when she left Cleveland shortly after winning the Elk's beauty award in 1937.

She swung out with the Cedar Gardens boys to Cincinnati, where she was discovered, and sent for at the then red hot cotton Club there.

Various top orchestras continued to discover Madeline. Clubs sent for her until she had won contracts with Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman (first Negro girl singer), Tiny Bradshaw, and Earl (Fatha) Hines, with whom Madeline and Billy Eckstine became the toasted "sweetheart team" for three years.

Madeline's hit tune was "Everything Depends on You," while Billy became great with "Jelly, Jelly." Together, they starred with, "I Got It bad" (and that ain't good).

Madeline Greene became Mrs. William Randall, having caught the eye of the Hine's road manager . . . .

Above: Label image of Bluebird B-11512-B recorded on March 19, 1942 and released the following month. This is the last of seven records (one side each) by Madeline Greene And The Three Varieties on Bluebird (1941-42). The Three Varieties were members of Earl Hines' orchestra... Leroy Harris, Bud Johnson and Willie Randall. The flip side is Billy Eckstein with no vocal group.

The Billboard:
(12/19/42) "Father" Hines is a robust parent these days, leading a large band that is both loud and heavy enough, especially in the brasses, to sink a batteship. . . .
Stand set-up takes in four trumpets (vocalist Billy Eckstein sometimes adding a fifth), three trombones, five saxophones and four rhythm, with Hines holding down the Steinway seat. . . .
Vocal department registers high, with Madeline Green and Billy Eckstein both handling the ballad and jump lyrics exceedingly well. . . .

(5/11/46) Hampton Big 41G At Philly Earle
PHILA, May 4—Lionel hampton and ork set the town on edge as he did the biggest biz in weeks with seven shows a day. He hit a high $41,000 at the Earle (3,300 seats; prices 45 cents to 95 cents).
On the bill with Hampton were Arnett Cobbs, Bilton Buckner, George Jenkins, Winni Brown, Johnny Griffin, Madeline Green, Rimmer Sisters and Red and Curley.

(10/12/46) Million Dollar, Los Angeles
Lionel Hampton ork headlines what is undoubtedly the best offering vaude house has had in several months, and should make the rafters ring every performance as he did the opener. Bill is perfectly paced, and offers a wad of sock entertainment, dished out by a top showman.
Hampton opened with Slide, Hamp, Slide, a clever instrumantal piece which showed off individual sidemen to good advantage. Thrush Madeline Green followed with To Each His Own, which was only a mild seller. Gal is plenty smooth looker, but voice doesn't live up to advance build-up. Blues songstress, Wini Brown, who followed the Green gal, registered solidly with Sun In The Morning. . . .

(12/28/46) Lionel Hampton has dropped Madeline Green from vocal department, leaving him with Winni Brown and Sammy Jennings. . . .

(2/4/50) Seymour Goldblum has inked the Erskine Hawkins vocalist, Madeline Green, for his Domino label. The Magic Chords vocal group, signed with the same diskery. . . .

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