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#654 (Week of 2/27/10 - 3/5/10)

"Nobody's Business If I Do"/"I'm Just A Stranger Here"
by Bob Geddins' Cavaliers
on Gilt-Edge GE-5022
released in 1950

Above: Gilt-Edge clippings from The Billboard magazines dated 2-10-51 and 3-17-51, respectively.

Above: Gilt-Edge Disc Jockey labels giving Bob Geddins biographical information as follows: "A very talented songwriter and recording artist now residing in the Oakland, California area. He has long been a successful producer of recordings in the rhythm and blues field. Originally from Texas, Bob Geddins is a very talented colored boy who has made his way up the ladder in the music business. A successful composer and talent scout, he now is going places as a recording artist as well."

Above: Label image of Gilt-Edge GE-5022 released in December 1950. Bob Geddins' Cavaliers had four releases on Bob Geddins' own Cava-Tone label (1949), one on Modern (1949) and two on Gilt-Edge (1950-51). The Gilt-Edge and Modern were reissues of the Cava-Tone sides.

The Cava-Tone label shows the Cavaliers to be "L. Thomas - Guitar, J. Wilson - Lead, B. Bostic - Bass, S. Louis - Piano, and V. Eldridge - Tenor." George Moonoogian has given their full names as LaFayette Thomas, Jimmy Wilson, Bill Bostic, Sherman Louis, and V(?) Eldridge. Per George, they also performed as "The Jubilee Gospel Singers," somewhat incompatible with the lyrics to "Nobody's Business." Opal Louis Nations, in his Real Blues (Number 8) article, has The Cavaliers as LaFayette Thomas, guitar; Jimmy Wilson, lead vocals; B. Bostic, bass; G. Salter, baritone; Sherman Louis, piano; and V. Eldridge, tenor.

Listen to this week's selections by Bob Geddins' Cavaliers on Gilt-Edge GE-5022 from 1950:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Nobody's Business If I Do
          2. I'm Just A Stranger Here
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Nobody's Business If I Do
          2. I'm Just A Stranger Here

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          1. Nobody's Business If I Do
          2. I'm Just A Stranger Here

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