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"I'm Losing My Mind"/"Under The Willow"
by The Dreams
on Savoy 1140 A/B
released in 1954

Above: The Dreams (L-R) George Tindley (lead tenor), Wesley Hayes (second tenor and guitar), Stephen Presbery (bass), Robert Henderson (baritone), and Bernard Harris (first tenor and falsetto).

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Above: The Billboard clipping (6/5/54) and review (5/15/54) for The Dreams' first record.

Excerpts from The Billboard:
(5/8/54) The Dreams, another new Savoy group, consists of teen-age youngsters from Philadelphia. Deejay Ramon Bruce of Philadelphia recommended them to the label.

(6/12/54) Savoy Records has added a number of new names to its current roster.... The Dreams, a new blues quartet recently signed by the label, have already had their first release....

Above: Label image of Savoy 1140, recorded on October 5, 1954 and released in December of that year. This is the second of three releases by The Dreams on the Savoy label (1954-55). George Tindley sings lead on both sides. Stephen Presbery, the group's bass singer, is composer of the flip side.

The Billboard, July 10, 1954: DJ PICNIC - WNJR Has R&B Star Jamboree
NEWARK, N.J., July 3—The disk jockeys of radio station WNJR here are staging a mammoth jamboree, picnic, outing and show tomorrow at a near-by park area which will feature many important rhythm and blues artists. Tickets for the event, which kicks off at noon and is scheduled to run thru 2 a.m., are tagged at $1.50. Artists scheduled to appear are Roy Hamilton, Luther Bond (and the Emeralds), the Orioles, Big Maybelle, Larry Darnell, Bull Moose Jackson's ork, El Tempos, Joe Liggins, Duke Anderson's ork, the Dreams, Nappy Brown, the Orchids, Varetta Dillard, the Four Bells and Billie Zito. The event is set for Patrylow's Grove in Kenilworth, N.J.
(Where can I get my ticket?! At least five of these acts are Savoy Records artists.)

Listen to this week's selections by The Dreams on Savoy 1140 from 1954:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

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          1. I'm Losing My Mind
          2. Under The Willow
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I'm Losing My Mind
          2. Under The Willow

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          1. I'm Losing My Mind
          2. Under The Willow

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