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#713 (Week of 6/4/11 - 6/10/11)

"I Was Wrong"/"Ooh Rocking Daddy"
by The Moonglows
on Chance CH-1156
released in 1954

Above: The Moonglows (L-R) Prentiss Barnes (bass), Bobby Lester (tenor), Billy Johnson (guitar), Pete Graves (tenor), and Harvey Fuqua (baritone). Johnson did not join the group until after "Sincerely" was released.

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Above: The Billboard clippings from 4/3/54 and 12/18/54 editions. The name Moonglows was derived from Alan Freed's "Moondog" moniker.

Above: The Billboard clipping from 7/17/54 edition and review from 6/5/54 edition. The ad pushes the "I Was Wrong" side, while the review favors the flip.

Above: Label image of Chance CH-1156 recorded on 1/10/54 and released in May 1954. Harvey Fuqua sings lead on "I Was Wrong" and Bobby Lester does the honor on the flip side. Both sides credit (Alan) Freed - (Harvey) Fuqua as composers. The Moonglows had releases on Champagne (1953), Chance (1953-54), Chess (1954-61) and Checker (1954-55).... notice the "Ch" reiteration. On Checker, they were billed as The Moonlighters.

Listen to this week's selections by The Moonglows on Chance CH-1156 from 1954:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
          1. I Was Wrong
          2. Ooh Rocking Daddy
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I Was Wrong
          2. Ooh Rocking Daddy

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          1. I Was Wrong
          2. Ooh Rocking Daddy

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