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Charles Brown (Part One) And Amos Milburn (Part Two)

"I Need Someone"
by Amos Milburn And Band
on Aladdin 3320
released in 1956

Above: Amos Milburn clippings from The Billboard (L) 10/26/46 and (R) 12/18/48.

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Aladdin Records Clipping     SELECT:

    MAY 14, 1949

    AUG. 6, 1949

    OCT. 1, 1949

    OCT. 29, 1949

Jet Magazine (11/8/51) HIT SONG OF THE WEEK
To Amos Milburn, piano-playing blues shouter who has done very well for himself on records, Atlanta's poisoned moonshine (35 dead so far) may mean an overnight boom for his hit record of less than a year ago. Title: Bad, Bad Whiskey! It dramatizes in song what can happen to inveterate whiskey drinkers, was used on sound wagon making rounds of Atlanta's Peoplestown housing project to warn Negroes not to drink unlicensed booze. Effect: one night last week police arrested only one man for drunkenness where usual haul was average 100.

Above: Label image of Aladdin 3320 recorded on 4/9/56 and released in April 1956. Amos Milburn had fifty-one releases on the Aladdin label (1946-57).

Trade Magazine Clipping, March 1956: ....Two well-known warblers are reforming their own bands after knocking around for several years with unknown and often unpredictable units for accompaniment. Amos Milburn is forming his back home in Houston and Lowell Fulson in his hometown of Ft. Worth. Milburn will take his new crew to the Coast to open with Etta James March 9 at the 5-4 Ballroom in Los Angeles....

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