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"I Must Have All Or Nothing"/"I'll Keep You In My Heart"
by Rusty Draper And The Dreamers
on Coast 102-A/B
released in 1945

Above: Coast Records clipping from The Billboard 8/4/45.

The Billboard:
(6/3/45) Coast Records Is New Label for Washburn's Disks; Rodeo Is Out
Los Angeles, June 16.—Rodeo Records, the recording company of Charles E. Washburn, has changed its label to Coast, with other types of music being added. When the recording division of this coin machine business was started more than a year ago, it was thought that the company would stick to Western music. That is why the title Rodeo was selected.

Washburn will continue to press a number of Western music records, but has added Al (Stomp) Russell and his trio and Dustry [sic] Draper and His Dreamers to the list of artists. Russell has already turned in Shy Ann, 8-9 And 10 and Mr. Kelly With The Jelly. These records are being released under the Bronze series of the Coast label. Draper's waxings are released on the popular series of the label....

Washburn recently purchased a new building on West Pico and expects to have the new location ready by November. The entire mezzanine floor will be devoted to records. Firm not only records, presses and distributes Coast Records, but also has a tie-up with Peerless Discos, a Mexico City product. Firm uses the same stock that is found in Peerless, which is claimed to be among the best formulas ever used in disks.

Bill Abel is in charge of the record distributing division of the company.

Above: Images of Coast Records banner (1947) and label of Coast 102 (1945). Cargill-Draper are composers on the "A" side.

The Billboard:
(11/25/44) New Peerless Waxings
Peerless Records' two new 'billie-'buster groups are Ike Cargill's Dreamers and Ray Wade and His Rhythm Riders, both of San Francisco. The Cargill unit features Rusty Draper, tenor, who is creating a new sensation on the West Coast. His style is a down-to-earth version of the Ink Spots. Out of eight tunes waxed at the San Francisco session, seven were composed by Cargill and co-writers....

Listen to this week's selections by Rusty Draper And The Dreamers on Coast 102-A/B from 1945: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I Must Have All Or Nothing
          2. I'll Keep You In My Heart
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I Must Have All Or Nothing
          2. I'll Keep You In My Heart

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          1. I Must Have All Or Nothing
          2. I'll Keep You In My Heart

(Rusty Draper 1953)

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