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"Heaven Only Knows"/"Loving Baby"
by The Charms
on Rockin' 516
released in 1953

Above: The Charms (L-R) Donald Peak (tenor), Richard Parker (bass), Otis Williams (lead tenor), Rolland Bradley (tenor), and Joe Penn (baritone, tenor). This is the line-up for the Rockin' sides.

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[Above photo courtesy of Marv Goldberg and Hans-Joachim Krohberger.]

Above: The Charms in late 1955, after Otis Williams had left the group. (Top) Rolland Bradley, (Bottom L-R) Donald Peak, Richard Parker and Joe Penn.

Above: Label image of Rockin' 516 released in July 1953. The flip label shows composers as "Parks-Bradley." Parks was surely Parker. So all five members of the group were involved in writing the two songs. Otis Williams sings lead on both sides. After the one record on Rockin', this Charms group had thirteen releases on the De Luxe label (1953-55), including a reissue of this one in September 1953. De Luxe was a subsidiary of King Records.

Rockin', located in Miami, Florida, was affiliated with King Records. It's owners were Andy Razaf and Henry Stone. They also owned Glory, a gospel label. The Rockin' and Glory catalogs were acquired by King in about August 1953. Stone became one of King's A&R men. After Otis Williams left this Charms group in 1955, Stone started the Chart label (in Miami) releasing two records by them (1955-56).

Trade Magazine Clipping, September 1953: ....Also showing definite hit signs is Glory's "Heaven Only Knows" with the Charms.

The Billboard, October 31, 1953: ....The Charms' cutting of "Heaven Only Knows" and "Loving Baby," originally on the Rockin' label, has now been issued on the De Luxe label. Both Rockin' and De Luxe are subsidiary labels of King Records.

Listen to this week's selections by The Charms on the Rockin' Label from 1953:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. Heaven Only Knows
          2. Loving Baby
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Heaven Only Knows
          2. Loving Baby

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          1. Heaven Only Knows
          2. Loving Baby

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