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"I Love That Carrying On"/"Gin And Cocoanut Water"
by The Mack Sisters
on Chicago 113 A/B
released in 1945

[Above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: 1948 photo of The Mack Sisters.

The Billboard:
(1/24/42) Bob Howard a Fave
Springfield, Mass.— ....a three-day performance at the Court Square. The Hit Parade on stage featured Bob Howard, making his third appearance. Bill included Nina Olivette and Ann Murray, Phil Farrell and the Mack Sisters....

(2/13/43) Vincent Bill Good
BALTIMORE—Maryland Theater, Baltimore's newest vaudefilm house, grossed a good $7,500 week ended January 28, with stage bill headlined by Romo Vincent. Others on the bill, De Vasconcellos, DeVal, Merle and Lee, Vic Hyde, Farrell, Ray and the Mack Sisters.

(1/12/46) From Clipping, J.F. Bard, "Your Chicago Distributor"
DeLuxe D-1006 I'm Always Chasing Rainbows/Honey - Ted Martin, Mack Sisters, with Emil Coleman Orchestra.

(6/5/48) W. Philly's 421 Reopens
PHILADELPHIA—The 421 Club in West Philly has reopened after its fire of two months ago, using combos and singles and spending about $1,000 for its show. The spot.... has the 88 Keys Trio, Three Mack Sisters and Nippy [sic] Russell working there.

(10/8/55) Review of Mack Sisters on Hudson 1001
Long Range Love.....71 — A bright, snappy hunk of corn is shouted with contagious charm by the Sisters. Could do okay on the boxes, if it gets distribution.
Stop What You're Doin'.....70 — These gals have ebullient, old-time spirit in the manner of the DeJohn Sisters. The tune is a catchy doo-wacky-doo affair with banjo, etc.

Above: Label image of Chicago 113 recorded in 1945. Information about J. Mayo Williams' Ebony/Southern/Chicago/Harlem labels is found at Red Saunders Research Foundation website.

Listen to this week's selections by The Mack Sisters on Chicago 113 from 1945: [Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]

          1. I Love That Carrying On - Chicago 113 A - 1945
          2. Gin And Cocoanut Water - Chicago 113 B - 1945
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. I Love That Carrying On - Chicago 113 A - 1945
          2. Gin And Cocoanut Water - Chicago 113 B - 1945

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          1. I Love That Carrying On - Chicago 113 A - 1945
          2. Gin And Cocoanut Water - Chicago 113 B - 1945

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