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"Burn That Candle"/"Oh My Darlin'"
by The Cues
on Capitol 3245
released in 1955

Above: October 22, 1955 clipping from The Billboard magazine. The Cues, in this photo, consist of (L-R) Ollie Jones, Able De Costa, Jimmy Breedlove, Robie Kirk (Winfield Scott), and Edward Barnes.

From Billboard - October 23, 1954:
"Lamp Records, Aladdin's East Coast subsidiary label, has pacted two new singing groups: The Cues and The Mello-Fellows. Eddie Mesner discovered the quartets in New York, and their first discs will be out next week. . . ." [NOTE: This Cues group was Ollie Jones, Winfield Scott, and two forgottens.]

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Above: Clipping from the October 1, 1955 issue of The Billboard.

[Photo above right courtesy of Marv Goldberg.]
Above Left: Label image of Capitol 3245 recorded on August 11 & 24, 1955 and released in September of that year. Jimmy Breedlove sings lead on "Burn That Candle," while Ollie Jones does the honor on the flip side. This was The Cues' first record on Capitol, but they followed with four more on the label (1955-56).

Trade Magazine Nov. 1955:
"George Gerken, Capitol's branch head in Chicago, burning the candle promoting 'Burn That Candle' featuring the Cues. The quintet is managed by Jesse Stone, writer of 'Shake, Rattle and Roll'. . . ."
[NOTE: Jesse Stone's songwriting pseudonym was "Charles Calhoun," who is shown as composer of "Oh My Darlin'," the flip side of "Burn That Candle."]

Above Right: Photo of The Cues (L-R Top) Robie Kirk (Winfield Scott), Ollie Jones, (L-R Bottom) Edward Barnes, Able De Costa, and Jimmy Breedlove.

Listen to this week's selections by The Cues on Capitol 3245 from 1955:
[Audio restoration by Dave Saviet.]
(Above: The Billboard 10/8/55 Review)

          1. Burn That Candle
          2. Oh My Darlin'
          BOTH played in sequence

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          1. Burn That Candle
          2. Oh My Darlin'

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          1. Burn That Candle
          2. Oh My Darlin'

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