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"One Hundred Years From Today"
by Bones McAfee
Four Shades Of Rhythm
on VITAcoustic 1005A
released in 1948

Photo Of Four Shades Of Rhythm

[The above photo is courtesy of Marv Goldberg and Eddie McAfee. It is from Marv's article ("The 4 Shades Of Rhythm") in Discoveries, Issue 120, May 1998.]

Above: Photo of The Four Shades Of Rhythm from 1948. (L-R) Oscar Pennington (guitar), Eddie Meyers (bass), Oscar Lindsay (drums), and Eddie McAfee (piano).

VITAcoustic Label-One Hundrd Years From Today-Four Shades Of Rhythm-1947
Above: Label image for "One Hundrd Years From Today" by Four Shades Of Rhythm, featuring Eddie "Bones" McAfee on lead vocal. The flip side is an instrumental. Notice the label states "Tone Controlled". Can anyone explain the "P" stamps in the wax (underneath the label surface)? This was the group's first record (1948), followed by three records on the Old Swing-Master label (1949).

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