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"Madame X" was the code name, during research and development, for an entirely new system of recorded music, presented by RCA.

The remarkable background of "Madame X"

Now the identity of "Madame X," the unknown in a long search for tone perfection, has been revealed. From this quest emerges a completely integrated record-playing system - records and automatic player - the first system to be entirely free of distortion.

The research began 11 years ago at RCA Laboratories. First, basic factors were determined - minimum diameters, at different speeds, of the groove spiral in the record - beyond which distortion would occur; size of stylus to be used; length of playing time. From these came the mathematical answer to the record's speed - 45 turns a minute - and to the record's size, only 6 7/8 inches in diameter.

The record is of non-breakable vinyl plastic, wafer-thin. Yet it plays as long as a conventional 12-inch record. The new RCA Victor automatic record changer holds up to 10 of the new records - 1 hour and 40 minutes of playing time - and can be attached to almost any radio, phonograph, or television combination.

Not only records are free of surface noise and distortion - the record player eliminates faulty operation, noise, and cumbersome size, common to many. Records are changed quickly, quietly... RCA Victor will continue to supply 78 rpm instruments and records.

This far-reaching advance is one of hundreds which have grown from RCA research. Such leadership adds value beyond price to any product or service of RCA and RCA Victor.

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