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"I've Been Treated Wrong Too Long"
by Chuck Willis With The Royals
on Okeh 6985
released in 1953

[Above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Photo of Chuck Willis. He had hits for the Okeh label and then for Atlantic. Willis was also an excellent song writer, composing "Oh What A Dream" for Ruth Brown, "Close Your Eyes" for The Five Keys and "The Door Is Still Open" for The Cardinals.

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[Above and below left clippings provided by Richard Koloda.]
Above: Newspaper clipping for Chuck Willis from March 1954.

Above Left: Newspaper clipping for Chuck Willis from June 1953.

Above Right: Label image for Okeh 6985 recorded on June 26, 1952 and released in June 1953.

FROM MARV GOLDBERG: As far as I know, the Royals on Okeh weren't anyone else. Names are unknown. They cut four songs at a 3/29/51 session: If You Love Me, Dreams Of You, You Go Your Way, and I'd Rather Hold You. The first two were released in October of that year (took them a while). On June 26, 1952, they recorded four more songs: Magic Is The Moonlight, Gas Happy Mama, My Story, and I've Been Treated Wrong Too Long (the last two as a backup group to Chuck Willis). That last Willis item was released in June 1953, proving, once again, that Okeh was in absolutely no hurry to issue anything with the Royals on it.

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