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"Home In The Sky"
by Herb Lance (with vocal group)
on Sittin' in 603
released in 1951

Photo Of Herb Lance
[The above photo provided by Paul Ressler.]

Above: Photo of Herb Lance, whose recording career started in 1948 and lasted for 18 years. His earliest recordings were for Bob Shad's Sittin' in with label.

"In September 1950 Columbia Records attempts to boost its presence in the R&B field by signing a contract with Universal Attractions, an agency with a heavy roster of R&B performers. This brings to the label Wini Brown, Herb Lance, and Arnett Cobb and his combo, joining Red Saunders and Chris Powell & The Five Blue Flames as the label's featured R&B recording artists." (from an article about the Columbia label by J.C. Marion)

Sittin' in Label-Home In The Sky-Herb Lance-1951
[The above label image and corresponding audio provided by Paul Ressler.]
Above: Label image of Sittin' in #603, "Home In The Sky", released in 1951. The label does not identify the vocal group. Does anyone know who they are?

In 1949, The Beavers had backed Lance on Sittin' in with #524, but received no label credit. (This is the same Beavers that recorded for Coral 1949-50) (from an article about The Beavers by Marv Goldberg)

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